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About The Drawing Office

We are experts in CAD, leaving you to be experts at your core business.

The Drawing Office offers the following benefits:

  • To give small business access to 3D Parametric CAD technology.
  • Running your own drawing office is very costly, buying the software, choosing the right software, maintaining the software, finding skilled people is very costly and retaining them is even more costly, most small businesses do not have enough work to keep full time drawing office in work so they hire multi skilled people which leads to a less effective drawing office, poor results occur from poor input of data.
  • We specialize in CAD, we buy the software, we maintain the software, we train the people, we retain the people, we are the experts in CAD leaving you to be experts in your core business or product


Mechanical Design Projects

  • From concept to complete job, we are flexible enough to get on board at any time during the phase.
  • We can project manage from inception or just offer advice, direction and documentation.
  • It is all about details.

Structural Detailing

  • Generally fabricators come to us with a Architectural and Engineering Drawings and ask for workshop drawings to be able to manufacture and erect from (whether an industrial building or work platforms).
  • We also deal direct with construction companies and owner/builders.
  • Types of drawings produced:
    • Hold Down Bolt Plans
    • Marking Plans
    • Marking Elevations
    • Workshop Drawings
    • Component Drawings

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