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VDO is a concept where we act as your drawing office, taking control of your drawings including revisions, documentation and cataloging of standards. There are many companies who require the benefits of their own drawing office but cannot justify the expense. TDO now offers this service so you can concentrate on you core business.

Who would use this service?

The typical clients that gain most benefits from VDO are those that manufacture their own products. Specifically products that are made to order varying slightly each time. TDO specialises in reusing existing data and modifying in short time frames.

What benefits are in it for me?

You gain access to all the benefits of having your own drawing office without the overheads. The overheads of having your own drawing office stretch further than just the cost of the software.

Listed below are some more benefits:

  • Access to the latest 3D CAD Software.
  • Access to skilled personnel.
  • Adds professionalism to your company.
  • Increases your companies knowledge base.
  • Track revision changes.
  • Shorten lead times on new products.

Intellectual Property

Recording and documenting your intellectual property (IP) is very important and this is the biggest difference between big business and small business. Big business knows the importance of their IP and they have the resources to document and maintain it. Big business systems don’t rely on key people they rely on key systems. TDO offers these systems to you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Case Study 1

Arabian Sheds and Garages
Portal Frame Industrial and Residential Buildings
How it Works:
Arabian supply TDO with a floor plan and site details and specify the type of building required. TDO produces assembly details, shop drawings and complete bill of materials based on previously cataloged connection details which allow Arabian Sheds to order and supply the complete kit.
The Result:
Arabian sheds have reduced there overheads, lead times and errors while increasing the level of service and details to their clients.

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