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TDO is an energetic and flexible solution partner to your business. We detail commercial, industrial and Residential buildings along with work platforms and structures. Our practical background gives us the edge in producing usable drawings.

TDO has developed a system that is easy for the purchasing officers to follow and order at the same time keeping the boilermakers happy. We group the members on one drawing and the plates required on another drawing giving cutting details, quantities and overall lengths for ease of ordering and aid efficiency on the shop floor.

Our strategies are aimed at getting the entire job right from start to finish.

  • The entire structure is modeled to ensure every part of the structure is accounted for.
  • We are approachable and available for discussion during the entire project.
  • Ask and you shall receive, we detail many extras on the fly at customer request.
  • We pride ourselves as a solution partner to you rather than just a supplier.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

TDO interprets engineering and architectural drawings to produce practical shop drawings. We produce tilt panel and structural steel in the same model creating a seamless interaction between the two building materials. We communicate regularly with engineers with 3D viewable files for any RFI’s (Request for Information). The 3D viewer is an excellent tool to communicate potential interferences that cannot be seen in a 2D world. TDO offers a complete package to ensure your project runs smoothly without errors.

We produce the following:

  • Hold Down Bolt Plans
  • Marking Plans
  • Workshop Drawings
  • Tilt Panel
  • Grouped Member List
  • Grouped Plate List
  • Bolt List
  • Purlin Punching Details
  • Bridging List

Residential Buildings

TDO is experienced with detailing steel portal frame residential buildings. A full bill of materials and plans showing how the stud walls are to be assembled

General Fabrication

Jobbing and production shops alike are exposed to a variety of works. Consequently communicating the manufacturing details to the shop floor is an important step that is regularly mismanaged. TDO provides these details by producing easy to read shop drawings that communicate all the information required for manufacture of the said component and eliminating miscommunication errors.

Case Study

Client: Arabian Sheds and Garages
Owner operator: Greg Irvine

Arabian sheds and garages supply residential and commercial steel buildings. They have a reputation for doing the difficult jobs that no-one else wants to tackle. With the help from the drawing office Arabian sheds is able to customize with more accuracy.

Structural Drawing

Product Range:

  • I-Beam sheds
  • Cold formed steel sheds
  • Quaker Barns
  • American Barns
  • Steel frame houses

The Drawing Office:

The drawing office is responsible for the Bill of Materials and workshop drawings for the manufacture of all the components to go into each building. Arabian sheds supplies the drawing office with a floor plan, elevations and ground levels, and receives back a complete set of drawings to be able to order, manufacture and assemble the building with.

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