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Solid modeling offers many benefits over traditional 2 dimensional detailing. One of these advantages is the ability to extract data from the model particularly when it comes to creating exploded views and marking up these vies for identifications purposes.

Professionally created parts manuals and other documentation add credibility to your product and show that there will be after sales service. Exploded views are important and collaborating into a document for ease of ordering replacement parts is important for your clients. Figure 3 is an example of the type of illustrations TDO creates and collaborates along with a Bill of Materials.

Our technical documentation services include:

  • Creation of parts manuals and other technical documentation.
  • Exploded views, 3D renderings.
  • Technical documentation adds credibility to your product, seperates business from backyarders to the real deal.
  • Once the model has been created it is simple to extract many visual messages from the model.

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