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TDO can help you fine tune your existing design or take your idea from concept and produce drawings and illustrations for presentation purposes. Our design strategies are based on the criteria that are important to you including:

  • Designs with client focus parameters, what is important - functionality, cost effective manufacture, a professional looking product.
  • Designed and detailed using 3D parametric technology, means repeatability on designs.
  • Designed by people with practical backgrounds
  • Design with available materials, availability of manufacturing ability, network of suppliers can be recommended or solutions for manufacture investigated.

3D Solid modeling technology has advanced the mechanical design industry in particular. Mechanical design usually entails moving components and with moving components comes collisions. Consequently the use of 2D software made it difficult for the designer to be confident in a product until a prototype was made and then the design refined. However when using 3D strategies all collisions are dealt with and motion is simulated before any tools are even picked up reducing lead times to market considerably.

  • We detail to your company standards or you can choose to use our standards.
  • We are flexible and your requirements remain our focus.
  • Customised title blocks.
  • Client driven drawing sheet sizes.

Case Study 1.

Criteria: Design trolley with cost effective and readily available replacement parts.

Solution: Holden stub axles and bearings utilized and a specific roller produced to provide transfer of linear motion.

Figure 1 Diagram

Case Study 2.

Client: Swing Invent
Owner operator: Geoff Davis

Mechanical Drawing

Swing Invent is a small company who develops swing control mechanisms for Draglines and their products are distributed by Cavotec who are an international electrical control company. Swing invent have introduced some new innovative swing control alternatives to the existing methods which offer excellent advantages in both operation and serviceability.

Product Range:

  • Mechanical/Electrical control equipment
  • Slimline Foot Pedal Assembly
  • BE Drive Gear Assembly
  • Adjustable Slide

The Drawing Office:

The drawing office has reverse engineered and redesigned the products with the purpose of manufacturing and serviceability in mind however keeping the original design intent by the inventor and developer. This ongoing relationship includes document revision control, drawing creation and marketing assistance thru power point presentations and the powerful visualization tools inside Solidworks.

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